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What's New!


  • 2022.6.18 Yoshida Toyokata gave a talk at the University of Tokyo's 21st Biology Science Symposium.
  • 2022.6.9 On the 86th Japanese Society of Interferon & Cytokine Research, the collaboration research with Chiba University was presented.
  • 2022.6.1 2 undergraduate students joined the lab.  
  • 2022.5.17 At Keio University Institute for Advanced Life Sciences @Tsuruoka, Principle Investigator Kumiko Ui-Tei gave a lecture on "concept construction".
  • 2022.5.6/17 Two members who could not come to Japan due to the influence of the new coronavirus now arrived.
  • 2022.5.2 Kobayashi, Tian and Tei's paper had been accepted as a chapter in Research Aspects in Biological Science
  • 2022.4.1 An interview article about siRNA medicine was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
  • 2022.2.25 The paper by Kobayashi and Tei et al., was accepted by ACS Omega in December last year. And is now available on Facebook of the Graduate School of Frontier Scienceshttps://www.facebook.com/UTokyo.gsfs/
  • 2022.2.17 Principle Investigator Kumiko Ui-Tei gave a lecture at Novartis Pharma's in-house workshop.
  • 2022.2.7 The paper by Kobayashi, Tian, and Tei, which analyzed the effect of thermodynamic energy on the off-target effect of iRNA base pairing by random sampling, was accepted by Genes.
  • 2022.2.1 Asano and Tei's paper, PCR method to evaluate the inhibitory effect of siRNA on RNAi, has been published in リアルタイム・デジタルPCR実験スタンダード」(羊土社)


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